Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Improving the health and safety culture

It is not possible to improve culture directly. Instead, it is necessary to work at improving factors that can have a positive influence on culture. For example:
* Increase the amount of time managers spend visiting the workplace (not just after an accident);
* Improve managers non-technical skills (e.g. communication);
* Increase levels of workforce participation in safety related problems and solutions;
* Promote good job satisfaction and moral;
* Promote a ‘just culture’ where blame is only used where someone takes reckless risks;
* Implement a competence assurance program to ensure everyone throughout the organisation has the skills they need to work safely.

Reference – ‘HSE Human Factors Briefing Note No. 7 - Safety Culture’ available free at http://www.hse.gov.uk/humanfactors/comah/07culture.pdf


Unknown said...

1. Genuine, visible leadership and commitment from the top on health and safety issues.
2. Acceptance that achieving good health and safety performance is a long-term strategy that requires
sustained interest and efforts.
3. Treating health and safety performance as a business objective, and resourcing it adequately.
4. Ensuring that health and safety is a line management responsibility and that managers understand their own role in promoting and protecting their own health and safety and that of their staff.
5. Setting realistic and achievable targets, receiving adequate and up-to-date performance information, and measuring performance against the targets.
6. Ensuring that incidents (injury accidents, non-injury accidents and near misses) are thoroughly investigated and actions taken to prevent their recurrence.
7. Ensuring audits and assessments are carried out and resultant actions taken promptly.
8. Making good safety behaviour a condition of employment, part of the job description, and part of the employee performance review.



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