Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Construction - CDM regulations

Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations (1994) apply to most common building, civil engineering and engineering construction work. You must notify HSE in writing before starting construction site if the work is expected to either
* Last longer than 30 days; or
* Involve more than 500 person days of construction work

Under the regulations The client has a duty to

* Appoint a planning supervisor
* Ensure that the planning supervisor is provided with health and safety information about the premises or site where construction work is to be carried out.
* Appoint a principal contractor.
* Ensure (as far a reasonably practicable) that appointments are competent and fulfil their duties.

Appointments need to be made in a timely manner so that there is time to develop suitable health and safety plans before construction begins.

A planning supervisor has responsibility for co-ordinating the health and safety aspects of design and for ensuring a pre-tender health and safety plan is prepared.

A principal contractor has responsibility for co-ordinating health and safety aspects during the construction phase.

The planning supervisor is required to prepare a safety file for the project. This should include any of the following where appropriate:

* ‘Record’ or ‘as built’ drawings and plans used and produced throughout the construction process;
* The design criteria;
* General details of the construction methods and materials used;
* Details of the equipment and maintenance facilities within the structure;
* Maintenance procedures and requirements for the structure;
* Manuals produced by specialist contractors and suppliers which outline operating and
maintenance procedures and schedules for plant and equipment installed as part of the structure;
* Details of the location and nature of utilities and services, including emergency and fire-fighting systems.

The client must be given the safety file at the end of the project and take reasonable steps to ensure that the it is kept available for inspection by those considering future construction work.

There are proposals to amend the CDM regulations (possibly sometime in 2007). The aim is to simplify the process, and whilst it seems the duties of those involved are unlikely to change the regulations are likely to make the requirements of duties more explicit or clear. One key change seems to be to redefine the 'planning supervisor' role to become 'co-ordinator'

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