Monday, October 16, 2006

Inspectors' powers

H&S inspectors can

* Enter premises at any reasonable time or when it is suspected that there is a dangerous situation (may get assistance from police to make entry);
* Order that premises or equipment be left undisturbed for the purpose of an investigation;
* Undertake any necessary examinations or inspections;
* Take measurements and photographs;
* Seize articles and substances (and render harmless if imminent danger),
* Take samples
* Inspect or take copies of documents;
* Require persons to answer questions and to sign declarations of the truth of their answers;
* Take enforcement action.

The powers include: the right to enter premises, if necessary by enlisting the assistance of a police officer; to carry out examinations and investigations; to direct that premises or equipment be left undisturbed for the purpose of investigations; to take measurements and photographs; to inspect and/or take copies of documents and records; to take samples; to require a person to answer questions and sign a declaration to the truth of his/her answers; to take possession of articles and substances (and to seize and render them harmless in situations of imminent danger); to issue enforcement notices; and (except in Scotland) to instigate and conduct proceedings in a magistrates' court.

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