Thursday, October 19, 2006

Vehicles on site - controls

The first question to ask is whether vehicles can be restricted from some or all of the site. Following that the tings to consider include

Site layout
* Arranging site so reversing and other manoeuvres are not required
* One way systems
* Segregating vehicles and pedestrians (physically where possible, and with lines and signs in other cases)
* Barriers to prevent access should be locked open and closed so they do not cause a hazard of swinging into the path of vehicles or pedestrians

Vehicle design
* Visibility
* Mirrors
* On-board CCTV
* Suitability for job
* Suitability for (flammable) hazardous areas

* Training for driving the vehicle
* General defensive training (e.g. no harm braking)
* Training in site rules
* Health and fitness (including sight, hearing)
* Rest breaks

* Pedestrians to wear hi-vis clothing
* Training pedestrians (e.g. covering vehicle hazards in induction)

* Road surfaces
* Setting minimum standards for vehicle maintenance, including tyres
* Signs
* Lighting
* Ignition controls (e.g. spark arrestors)

* Light
* Noise (affecting drivers and pedestrians)
* Weather

Policy and procedures
* Setting speed limits and enforcing them
* Restricting movements of large vehicles, including use of escorts/banks men
* Dealing with adverse weather (e.g. snow and ice)
* Drugs and alcohol
* Access of vehicles to hazardous areas (permit to work)

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