Friday, October 13, 2006

The latest General Certificate

Directly from the Nebosh website

The NEBOSH National General Certificate (NGC) has long been recognised as the essential introduction to the fundamentals of occupational health and safety and is the most popular qualification of its kind: Since its launch in 1989 over 100,000 people have achieved the award in the UK and abroad, including Australasia, the Middle East and the West Indies.

From 8 December 2006 the NEBOSH National General Certificate (NGC) syllabus will be divided into three units
NGC1: Management of Health and Safety,
NGC2: Controlling Workplace Hazards
NGC3: Health and Safety Practical Application).

These still correspond to the three non-unitised components of the current NGC: Paper A1, Paper A2 and Part B (The Practical Assessment). This enables course providers to continue to teach the syllabus material in the same course formats as before, whether students are taking the current or new unitised version of the NGC.

The syllabus has been updated slightly to reflect change in legislation

Unitisation allows you to organise learning in manageable blocks giving recognition and certification of individual units.

NGC1 is consistent with the Nebosh Fire and Construction safety certificates, meaning it only has to be done once, even if all three certificates are being studied.


Anonymous said...

same (new) IOSH, break an existing course down into as many modules as you can then charge the same as what the old 1 part course cost for each of the new modules, loads o money,

Anonymous said...

I am of the same thoughts as anoymous, IOSH / NEBOSH have been making it more difficult and ever more expensive to pass any exam, they usaully start of with one course , then over time, the same course is "modulised" (to increase revenue generation), is there another reason?
All IOSH / NEBOSH (who are the same anyway)want now is to make money and monopolise the H & S market,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you work here it has been a great boon to me. I have just started the NEBOSH course and not having studied for quite a while was in panic mode - this site has really really helped - I even bought the download.
It breaks it down into easy understanable chunks so I am nibbling away at the elehpant instead of trying to swollow the thing whole -so to speak. mah