Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Organising for health and safety

When it comes to organising for health and safety it is important to defines roles and responsibilities, from the MD to the shopfloor. This will include the role of the competent person and advisers.

Includes relationships within and outside the organisation. In this context it may be necessary to make arrangements with unions, HSE, police, fire service, insurance companies, and all organisations in the supply chain (i.e. suppliers and customers).

Organising for H&S is often described as the '4 Cs'
1. Control
2. Co-operation
3. Communication
4. Competence

A fifth can be added = co-ordination

Organising for H&S should aim to ensure that employees are empowered and competent to make an effective contribution to H&S, and that there are adequate communication systems in place. There should be effective consultation on H&S. The aim is to motivate employees to work safely & to protect their health, rather than to just avoid accidents.

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