Friday, October 13, 2006

Nebosh syllabus

The syllabus is divided into sixteen units:

1. Health and safety foundations
2. Policy
3. Organising for health and safety
4. Promoting a positive health and safety culture
5. Risk assessment
6. Principles of control
7. Movement of people and vehicles - hazards and control
8. Manual and mechanical handling hazards and control
9. Work equipment hazards and control
10. Electrical hazards and control
11. Fire hazards and control
12. Chemical and biological health hazards and control
13. Physical and psychological health hazards and control
14. Construction activities - hazards and control
15. Incident investigation, recording and reporting
16. Monitoring, review and audit


Anonymous said...

Provide sketches to show clearly the nature of the following
mechanical hazards from moving parts of machinery:
(i) entanglement
(ii) crushing
(iii) drawing in.

Andrea said...

Friend any update in that specified syllabus of Online food Safety course.

health and safety said...

thanks for nice sharing.