Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Movement of people at premises

People walking around a site or building can come to harm in a number of ways. They include

* Slips and trips (i.e. falling at same level)
* Falling from height or into holes
* Walking into objects
* Being hit by moving objects including vehicles
* Being exposed to hazards in the areas they walk through (i.e. do not need to work in the area). Can include hazardous substances, radiation, noise.

Most of these hazards are covered by the controls put in place for the activity creating the hazard (e.g. vehicle movements, excavation, hazardous substances). But it is worth bearing in mind that there are factors that make incident more likely. They include:

* Weather
* Quality of walkways, stairs
* Signs
* Persons knowledge of the premises

Areas where people are generally safe should be identified. There should be means of stopping people entering other areas without suitable precautions.

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