Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lift trucks - day to day

It is good practice for users of lift trucks (as with all vehicles) to carry out regular checks of the condition of their vehicle. For lift trucks the checks should include
* tyre - pressure, tread, damage
* Lights,
* Horn,
* Engine condition including leaks of oil, fuel, hydraulic
* Seat secure
* Lifting mechanism - no damage
* LPG tank in good condition, no damage and secure
* Bodywork not damaged

The vehicle should be driven in accordance with rules. When not in use
* Brakes on
* Park in designated area (if there is one)
* Make sure it is not causing an obstruction for other vehicles and pedestrians
* Make sure it is not blocking fire escapes
* Forks on ground
* Mast slightly forward
* Neutral gear
* All controls in neutral position (so mechanism does not move when switched on)
* Unauthorised use prevented - may involve removing ignition keys, but in some circumstances it may be safe to leave keys in so can be moved in an emergency

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