Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Organising - competence

Competence is the ability of an individual or group to fulfill a role properly and safely. It takes much more than training for someone to become competent, with experience having a significant influence.

An organisation can achieve competence through
* Defining competence requirements
* Recruiting people
* Selecting people for appropriate placement
* Identifying training needs
* Providing training
* Assessment
* Providing refresher training
* Having arrangements to cover absence

When looking at competence, the following can provide useful evidence.
* Previous experience with the type of work;
* Reputation with previous or current clients;
* Quality and content safety policy and risk assessments;
* Level of training and qualifications
* Accident history
* Enforcement history;
* Membership of approval or certification bodies;
* Equipment maintenance and statutory examination records;
* Detailed proposals (eg method statements) for the work to be carried out.

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